The Mudgrub Warren

The Mudgrub Warren is made up of five large interconnected caverns: The Entry Cavern, The Throne Cavern, The Whelp Pit Cavern, The Treasure Vault, The Main Warren.

The Entry Cavern is a large featureless cavern with some few glowing plate mushrooms on the walls for dim light. The mouth of the cavern leads to the hated outside world. There is a large tunnel which leads to the Main Warren.

The Throne Cavern is a grand chamber. Flaming torches line the walls, and there are ratty tapestries hung near the throne of living goblins. A large space before the throne is kept clear for the purpose of holding audience. There is a small alcove which leads to the main cooking arena. The Throne Cavern also contains the warren’s only actual privy. There are tunnels which lead to the Treasure Vault, the Entry Cavern and the Main Warren.

The Main Warren is the largest chamber of Mudgrub. It can house between 200 and 350 goblins. There are sleeping areas, two cesspits, several roasting spits, fireplaces with chimneys, and reveling circles. The Main Warren also houses the prize possession of the Mudgrub goblins, the great and powerful Still of Alcoholic Beauty. This still can take anything organic and eventually ferment it into the most noxious and toxic ale ever consumed. The goblins love it. The Main Warren has tunnels that lead to the Throne Chamber and the Whelp Pit Cavern. The Main Warren also has a very treacherous opening to the outside which is nearly invisible from outside. The goblins have built mushroom farms.

The Treasure Vault is a small chamber with three large heaps of garbage. There is a tunnel which leads to the Throne Cavern.

The Whelp Cavern is a dark and dank cave which contains one pit. A fully grown goblin can make his way out of the pit, but whelps are unable to make the climb. Leftover food is occasionally thrown into the pit, but that is fairly rare. The whelps usually survive, if they survive at all, by consuming each other. It is truly a whelp eat whelp world.

The Dwarven Ruins have three levels. The top level is a staging area that leads to the surface. The second level contains rooms and chambers that now house the goblin library (empty), the temple to Maglubiyet, the kitchens, the forge, the goblin soldier barracks, the new and improved throne room. The third level of the ruins contain the dungeons, Nox’s torture chamber and rooms for the Brave Goblin Heroes.

The ground level of the fortress has a complete 10 foot tall stone curtain wall.

Above the ground, a thriving goblin city is developing. They have built a lumber mill, a tavern called the Pissing Peon, and a barn. There is a neighborhood of hovels and a neighborhood of upper-class housing. A single paved road leads through town.

Contents of the Goblin Library


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