State of Mudgrub


The Latest Developments.

New Outside of Mudgrub!
A second wave of dragons struck at the elves. In the attack, we lost a caravan carrying supplies for them as well as trade items. Starvation and disease are decimating their numbers. Their archer units destroyed the dragons, but it will take generations to rebuild the city of Starsille.

Humans were also attacked by dragons. This time, the dragons changed their tactics. Finding the stone and brick buildings of the humans too difficult to set on fire, they instead attacked the human farmland. It may be a very dire Spring for the humans. Expect the price of cattle to skyrocket, not to mention grain.

The Drow suffered no further attacks of Wyrms, and credited our brave goblin heroes with much of the successes at saving their city of Cinlu.

The population of Mudgrub has divided itself into classes: Nobility, Upper Class, Merchant Class, Middle Class, Lower Class, Whelp.

Food prices in the city of Mudgrub have fallen again. The stockpiles of food are overflowing the warren space set aside for them. The City Guard is having trouble protecting the pots of food stored in the barn. They recommend the building of granaries.

Mudgrub was attacked by a swoop of twelve dragons, three of them flightless. Scouts were able to warn the city of impending disaster, and our military units and militias were ready for the attack. The City Guard magnificently rallied the people and protected the city from incursion and kept the citizens from panicking. Fierce goblin Wolves, Goblin Beastmasters, Deathwatchers and Hexers routed the dragons and killed every last one of them. Shredder pilots were embarrassed as they again missed almost every opportunity to match up against the dragons. Of special note was the bravery of the Shadowgoblin Snarlers, who were able to protect the luber mill against the attack of two gigantic red dragons.

Twelve goblin citizens died gruesomely in fires, and several soldiers gave their lives defending the warren. The curtain wall, recently completed by our great stoneworkers, prevented all damage to buildings. This time, the dragons were prepared for our resistance. They came in greater numbers, and their tactics were geared to penetrate our defenses. If they attack again with even greater numbers, we may not fare as well.

King Nazium has welcomed the two hundred elvish refugees with a warm but cautious greeting. The elves have been given friendly alien status and allowed to set up shelters and tents. They have taken positions in our community. Most were low-skill lower-class elves, but a few were gifted craftsmen. We have integrated them into our community.

We lost one caravan to the dragon attack on the elves, but the caravaneers survived. The caravans to the halflings and drow were very successful.

Cavalry Trainers are setting up regular spectator games of untrained whelps riding woves. They have also provided special tutoring to the Brave Goblin Heroes, who can now all ride goblin dogs into battle.

Mushroom farmers have increased their yields again! The steep drop in prices of the mushrooms has been hard on the farmers, but they are trying to increase their potency to make them more attractive. Wheat farmers have used the halfling designed plows to great effect. Potato Farming has been very successful since we have been buying spices to make them more interesting. Milk and Cheese have become a stable part of Goblin diets.

Miners have found a new vein of copper and gold and have been very fortunate in discovering rubies. Some of these resources were immediately taken up in the building of a sixth mighty siege engine. The architects and stoneworkers have built a bordello, which has been quite popular with Drow visitors who, in imitating the tastes of their queen, have been experimenting with goblin love. The stoneworkers also completed a round tower at an advantageous point in the curtain wall.

Tinkerers have been stacking hand-thrown bombs on the walls in preparation for defending the warren.

Scouts have maintained a secure perimeter around Mudgrub. Their early warning of a dragon attack on Mudgrub is surely part of the reason we had such success. .

Counter-intelligence has found and killed a dwarf spy who tried to sneak into the warren in disguise.

The mages have shown the Goblin Hexers how to do more damage against flying targets.

The Arch Priest of Maglubiyet has called forth an avatar from mystic realms. This avatar may be able to be convinced to assist us in battle, if necessary. But the Arch Priest is hesitant about making such a request to a being so different from us.

Tanners are continuing their fine work. Any leather items bought from the goblin leather-workers are now at half price this week.

Potters have discovered a way to seal their pots that is preventing a great amount of spoilage.

Weavers are striking because of carpal tunnel syndrome. The elves who have joined them are being forced to cooperate with the strike. For this week, any cloth items are at double cost.

Nannies have been doing a superior job with whelping.

Bards have been extremely successful. They have been able to supplement the information brought in by our spies. They have discovered that the orc fortress has been breached by the dragons and many of the orcs were slain. Also, the dwarven city has been attacked by
dragons, but no indication of how severely can be gotten from the news.

We will be able to send out a third caravan next week.

Goblinss marched through the corridors of the warren in solidarity with the striking weavers. The wealthy are screaming at the terrible taxation. The City Guard was able to stop a mob of goblins who wanted to burn down the barn. The ringleaders were abused sufficiently to persuade the others to disband. There is a lot of talk in the tavern and bordello of an uprising. At the moment, insurrectionists are dominating the arguments. Nazium should be worried. Although everyone is incredibly pleased with the wonderful successes of the military in defending against dragon attacks, this respect for the military has not translated at all into a respect for the government. Goblin whelps are visibly upset about not having toys. They are now acting so resentful that it is affecting their work. The economy is suffering from their lack of enthusiasm for dirt work.

Humans have a large surplus of pipeweed and are requesting that we buy some. The ambassador tells us that the human government is considering our decisions not to purchase their pipeweed as an aggressive gesture. They are halting further purchases from the goblin caravans until a we agree to purchase their pipeweed. Further retaliations may be forthcoming..

The elf economy has tanked and we can either take advantage of it, or aid them.

Goblins like the new coinage. Our coins now have the head of Nazium on one side and the backside of a female goblin on the other. It is roundly praised for both its creativity and obscenity.

Population: 1322.
Food Production: 2274
Food Reserves: 2092
Warren Size: 24
Warren Defense: 13
Warren Attack: 13
Warren Treasure: 3692 g.
Allies: Elves, Humans. Drow.
Trading Partners: Humans, Elves, Halflings, Drow.

Rituals up to level 4.
Consumables up to level 5.
Magic items up to level 4. Rare items up to level 3.
Mundane items: up to $600.
Cannot make total purchase over 6250 g.

14 squads of soldiers
8 squads of militia
2 Corpsman
3 Goblin Shredders Mark 1
3 Shredder Mark 2.

Royalty and Retinue: 22

King Nazium
Bif Jaggerspit, Grand Extortioner of Flithy Lucre
Nox Shus Foomes, Royal Toady at Large
Darth Sidius, Celebrator Supreme
Lazlo Cow-biter, Chief Cook
Ashkazan, Adviser from the Drow Court
Matthias Orwellium, Ambassador from Elmhollow
Armaless Little Berries, Ambassador from Starsille
Xxylyxx Lthlgs, Ambassador from Cinlu
Mr. Fluffy, Royal Cupbearer
Throne: 12

Defenders of the Warren:



Glowing Mushrooms: 20
Poison Mushrooms: 30
Hallucinogenic Mushrooms: 30
Wheat Farmer: 180
Potato Farmers: 80

Animal Husbandry

Cattle Rancher: 21
Rat Catcher: 5
Dog Trapper: 5
Dog Breeder: 5
Dog Trainer: 5
Cavalry trainer: 5


Miner: 40
Stoneworker: 15
Architect: 15


Smelter: 25
Carpenters: 20
Tinkerer: 40
Aftificer: 40
Siege Weapon Designer: 50

Military Science

City Guard: 36
Torturers: 4
Scout: 20
Spy: 10
Counter-Intelligence: 10
Fierce Goblin Dogs: 15
Deathwatchers: 31
Shadowgoblin Snarlers: 31
Goblin Beastmasters/wardog: 17
Wolf Riders: 12
Sapper: 5
Goblin Hexer: 21
Shredder Pilots: 6


Mage: 20
Sage: 20
Librarian: 14


Cleric of Maglubiyet: 10
Priest of Maglubiyet: 3
Arch Priest of Maglubiyet: 5
Chirugeon: 5


Tanner: 5
Weaver: 15
Potter: 5
Baker: 5
Bowyer: 15
Fletcher: 15


Nanny: 10
Scribe: 23
Bard: 20


Coin Stamper: 4
Tax Collectors: 2
Caravaneer: 25
Bureaucrat: 3
Ambassador: 3

State of Mudgrub

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