Goblin Heroes

The Orc's Are Terrible Neighbors

Orc’s Back on the Menu, Boys!

The brave goblin heroes decided to handle a mealy-mouthed raiding party of orcs by without waking up the warren. Nox called up a whole bunch of undead creatures to do his bidding from a tiny graveyard. Bif and his whelps hid in the woods until someone came close enough and then ran out and bit him. But it was brave Aegis of the mighty arm that wallowed into the fray and took blow after blow from the graceless pig-trolls. After wounding and nearly slaying a bear, Bif pulled out his charm and turned the bear’s training to his own purposes. The bear, after being severely mistreated by the orcs, responded well to being mistreated by us. One by one the miscreants fell. After the skirmish, Nox questioned the dead bodies and discovered a great deal of important information. Also, a pile of loot kept falling out of their pockets.



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