Bif Jaggerspit

Goblin Bard, your biggest fans


Out of the pits, ready to fight
Soul all a fire, ready to ignite
Through death there is life, and though life may die, no shudder shall be heard, for I will not cry

Through the tumble and tussle, I was grabbed and brought out,
All backed away, as I screeched with a shout,
It cracked the glass and echoed through the halls,
The sounds rang in their ears and bounced off the walls,

Vorka saw potential, said that I was blessed from birth,
Said that I was useful for much more than mirth,
She said I would be underestimated, no one would know my worth,
Said that I was small and weak, and would never possess girth

She raised me well in using my arcane skills, my encouragement could spread to one another,
She said that I was needed to keep the team from killing itself, treat them like they are my brother

I was brought in as a story teller, to spread the words of Lord Nasium,
I told his stories to all for days ad nauseam,
He is an idiot on the throne, appointed by Sax,
I didn’t care for his insolence, he needs to get the sack,

Yet it is the heroes of our cavern, the heroes to the weak,
Nox, Tox, Aegis, and Clot, are who I wish to speak,
I heard what I heard, and I said what was true,
I told of everything they did, and everything that they would do,

Nox is my favorite, I have mastered necromantic power,
After hearing of him raising the dead, I want to follow him hour by hour,
His skills, his voice, all the language he has learned,
I wish to get close to his strength, but not so close that I get burned

I looked and I heard, but how did I know that this was true,
Unless I went with them, that is the only thing to do.

The clerics and priests all say slanderous things
I don’t believe their cruel lies
I know that these heroes are heroic beings,
I can see it within their eyes

I have modeled my powers off of the great wizard Nox,
Whose size and might is both great and mighty,
I just hope he will appreciate my composure,
I hope he things that I am alrighty,

To be near such a great hero, leader and assistant to the king,
It makes me glad to be a storytelling, skald who can sing
I went to the blacksmiths, with all shinies I possessed,
I asked to be equipped, battle ready and dressed

They bestowed upon me an axe, which I mastered to perfection,
Chainmail so beautiful, it certainly passed my inspection
I knew Vorka believed in me, but the priests all say I’m mad,
They don’t believe that music can heal, which only makes me sad

Music makes the world go around, everyone can see
That if it were not for the music, there would be no dance of joy, wheee!
So as I pick up my heart, and I get ready to ask,
I wish to go with these heroes, to help them with their task

The deceit of Wagner left a sting, his evil so putrid as he tried to kill everyone,
I hope to appeal to the group, earn their trust, and begin to heal everyone,
My songs uplift, I wish to cause them no pain,
I am no sneaky evil villain, I am here to remove the stain

Wagner was evil, but all the other story tellers were deceived by his charm,
They said it is a tragic loss, and they believe that he could do no harm,
Vorka told me of his strengths, and of his betrayal to the fey,
The priests also are deceived, and have gone astray,

Wagner worked so hard to build us up, but he laid traps along the way,
I am here to set things back on course, but first, I need to make them want me to stay

Bif Jaggerspit

Goblin Heroes homeholder