Goblin Heroes

Scoobies Find a Mystery

Finders-Keepers, Losers Die.

While wandering about the countryside looking for any weak and defenseless prey, our brave Goblin Heroes hear the approaching sound of hoof-beats. Wagner disappears into the shadows and the rest prepare for the approach of a dreaded horse. A human rider trotted slowly down the road, seemingly from the direction of the warren, unaware of the gang of vicious eating-machines ready to take him down. Wagner and Clot attacked the rider, afraid of that unnatural and terrible beast, the horse. Nox, from a nice and safe distance, used his dread dark arts to blast flaming rage at the unnatural beast. The horse was turned into a medium-rare steak with hooves. Wagner had to beat out his flaming clothes. Aegis calmly walked up to the human and tried to bluff him into giving up some information, to no avail. Tox, in splendid Goblin fashion, came out of nowhere and began to tear out chunks of horse flesh and stuff the greasy meat into his very large mouth. The human struggled to his feet and swung his sword weakly, but accomplished little. Wagner, seeing a figure on the other side of the horse, threw a shuriken at the target. Tox, on the receiving end of these unwarranted attentions, attempted to deflect the shuriken with the leg-of-horse-he was chomping on, but only managed to slide his head into just the right position to have the shuriken bury itself into his forehead. Madly swinging the horse leg about, he accidentally drove the shruiken in deeper. Nox cast a mystic bolt of energy at the stumbling human, who perished in a gout of clue fire.

Searching the human’s saddle bag revealed a not written in nearly illegible goblin writing. Apparently, a spy has been feeding information to the humans. It also revealed that the spy had found a mysterious door. At this point, the zombie Tox attempted to cast a freezing spell upon Wagner, even though Wagner protested his innocence. Unfortunately, his aim was slightly disturbed by the shuriken sticking out between his eyes. The bolt went straight up and then down, hitting Tox, himself. Nox attempted to defuse the situation by magically startling Tox into running on the slippery ice. Wagner, trying to help poor Tox, fell onto the ice slick. Tox passed out in exhaustion. Wagner volunteered to carry Tox back to the warren, but somehow accidentally breaks off Tox’s head.

Back at the Warren, the brave Goblin Heroes find the door, a strange, large, metal door with curious diamond-shaped recessed space. Nox, discerned that this must be the way to open the door. Nox attempted to break a rock into the required shape, but it fit poorly and was unable to open the door. The others, searching the treasure piles nearby, discovered three ancient pieces of stone that, when fit together, might do the trick. Any attempt to glue the pieces together failed. Aegis was sure that there must have been a way to solve the dilemma and suggested that perhaps Nox had a ritual to repair what was broken. Nox searched his book of ritual, but found only a newly discovered ritual to create holes. As he scratched his head, Aegis suggested that the ritual actually made things whole. The light of discovery that beamed from Nox practically blinded Wagner. Spreading residuum on the broken pieces of stone and chanting horrible syllables of terrible arcane mysteries, Nox watched as the residuum glowed brightly and fused the rock together. The stone key fit into the door easily and the door opened soundlessly on perfect hinges.

Clot and Wagner attacked a lurking ochre jelly in the corridor. A gang of goblin minions charged into the room and threw themselves on the jelly, gouging and biting into its gooey flesh with relish. Aegis marched forward and smashed the jelly into bits, but the bits reformed into another jelly. Now facing two jellies, which launched their slamming attacks at the minions, Nox threw burning flames at the creatures, which crisped in reaction to the flames. Nox walked up to them and drew out a mystic bottle from the goo. He opened the green bottle, sniffed the refreshing potion within and chugged the brew, chortling the while. He felt the rush of energy and health and laughed.

At the end of the corridor, Wagner found a locked door. He deftly picked the lock. As he was about to open the door, Aegis shouted a warning. Wagner stepped back just in time. He saw the trap just in time. It was a brutal trap that would clamp sharp metal teeth around the hand of the person who opened the door, chopping the hand off the arm. Clot bravely stepped forward and disarmed the trap.

First through the door, Wagner saw the glint of shiny treasure and hopped forward across the chamber, not noticing the two skeletons rising from a pile of debris. Wagner stubbled at the last moment and fell onto a runed tile. Nothing happened. The goblin minions attacked the skeleton and began gnawing on its shin bones. The skeleton swung his sword and managed to hit one of the goblins soundly, knocking it off. Aegis ran forward and challenged the flaming skeleton to battle. His spear struck bits off the blazing skeleton. Nox cast a spell of fear upon the skeleton warrior and forced the undead creature to run into a croner where it chattered its teeth in terror. The blazing skeleton threw a gout of flame at Aegis, but it went wide. Wagner pulled away from the runed floor and threw a shuriken at the blazing skeleton. The goblins relaunched their attack and began to pull the skeleton apart, bone by bone. Aegis struck the blazing skeleton with his spear and shattered an arm bone. Nox cast a magic missile and the last pieces of the warrior skeleton fell apart. One of the goblin minions grabbed the skeleton’s spine and leaped about shaking it over his head in victory. Aegis whacked at the blazing skeleton and knocked its head off its shoulders and across the room.

After the fight, the brave Goblin Heroes noticed that two of the goblin minions who had joined the fight lay dead in each other’s arms. The remaining goblin minion set his newly acquired dwarven spine upon the ground and wept bitter tears as he ate his two goblin friends. Nox studied the runes on the floor and stepped onto one of them. Immediately, blue lightning arced and laced about his form. When he stepped onto the next rune, the strands of lightning ripped bloody streaks of his flesh from his body. And blue lightning lanced upwards from the new rune. Nox stepped onto a different rune, but this time back in the direction from which he had come. The strands of energy ripped his flesh. When he finally stepped back into the chamber,Nox fell unconscious and bleeding from numerous wounds about his body.

Aegis helped Nox recover with magic incantations. Nox told everyone about the runes, and Wagner suggested that they begin with the rune he had accidentally stepped on, since it had not attacked him. Wagner studied the runes and realized that they spelled out a phrase if one stepped from one tile to the next correct tile. The group followed Wagner through the trapped room into the chamber of treasures. there was a huge metal door on one side, a vault door with a seriously intricate lock. Fortunately, the vault was not locked from this side, so exploration further into the ruins would not be hampered. After searching the room, the brave Goblin Heroes retreated back to the warren for rest and recuperation.



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