Goblin Heroes

Dragons and Shredders and Dwarves, Oh My!

Dragon’s Dread.

Approaching a sleeping clutch of dragons, the Brave Goblin Heroes attempted to negotiate, only to be interrupted by screaming, changing dwarves. The dragons, in addition, wanted nothing to do with us, referring to us as vermin. Our new Construction Fop, riding his magnificent Goblin Shredder, stood on the periphery of the action while Bif and Nox began taking out the minotaur and dwarves in order to prove our worth to the dragons.

Mr. Fluffy, in an amazing display of goblin bravery, lay down his weapons and got on his hands and knees before a fierce Copper Dragon. This was especially brave, considering the dragon kept eating him. When he had lost meat down to the bone, Mr. Fluffy decided to try a different technique.

The Construction Fop grabbed a minotaur and srabbed him so hard that the poor little guy’s legs were pincered off.

Nox’s zombies kept providing cover for everyone and were popping out of the ground as fast as the dragons and dwarves could take them out. Finally our Construction Fop brought his shredder in to grapple with the dragon. At the same time, another shredder came over the ridge to assist us. The two shredders played tug-o-war with the Huge Iron Dragon, with the construction Fop squeezing dragon genitalia between his mighty pincers.

Mr. Fluffy decided to intimidate the Copper Dragon, using his magical pyrotechnics. When the dragon ran to another target, Mr. Fluffy leaped onto its back and rode the thing like a prize pig at a goblin faire. As the Copper Dragon took off and tried to shake the goblin from his back, Mr. Fluffy hung on for as long as he could, all the while stroking the dragon and trying to talk it into becoming his pet. When Mr. Fluffy finally gave up and jumped off the dragon, he tucked and rolled and then slogged his way back to the fight, which was wrapping up quite nicely.

Nox opened an enchanted treasure chest. Everyone picked up a lot of gems and gold. Nox took the broken hammer automaton and loaded it onto a shredder. The Iron Dragon and the Green Dragon were butchered on the spot, and the carcasses tied to the second shredder.



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