Wagner Sax

Sneaky, Evil, and misguided dueling rogue



This one special goblin on the day he was born
Was given a name based on types of horn
Goblins thought the sound was atrocious, loud and unruly,
Perfect for name for a goblin, most truly

Wagner Sax was his name, but he answered to horn
He was a newling youngster, tired and worn
He was hopeful of his mission, go to the distant farm
Bring back some eats, or you will lose your body, legs to arms

You bring back something tasty or else you’ll be eaten
Wagner Sax was used to threats, and being beaten
He was a shy goblin, sneaky and sly
Was different from the others, but no one knew why

Since he did not laugh and make noise like his name would suggest
He was as silent as the night, all because at his birth he was blessed,
So sneaky he was, that he could steal a whole cow
With his spices and herbs he was promoted to cook now

But back in the past is where all stories start
So does a story of a goblin not worth a fart
For his birth was special, different from the rest
He was born to be great, possibly the best

When he was born, it was underneath a bad sign,
So when he grew up, and the stars did align,
Two fairies of old were told of a savior to the fey
One with the name Wagner Sax, who would save them one day

These fairies were sent from another dimension and plane,
They heard the name, saw the source, and claimed their master insane.
“This can’t be a savior, it is a Goblin most evil!
If we gave it a chance this creature would devour our people!”

“It maybe a goblin that’s true, but it’s destiny is to help our kind,
It is rather stubborn, and stupid in the mind,
You two are to greet it, when it comes of age
You two are to manipulate this creatures’ reckless rage”

The plan was set in motion, to manipulate emotion,
Have these two fairies find the goblin, and make it use it’s potion,
The fairies laughed at the scheme, and were pleased with their master
They would cause an uproar, possibly a political disaster.

At the words of their master the two fairies did fly
And came to the goblin, so sneaky and sly
He recently had been appointed, the new goblin cook
So he had a cool hat, and he had a new look

The fairies greeted him, like any other mortal,
Yet at the moment they spoke and came from a portal
The goblin took them in his hands, and stuffed them in a pot,
The water was started to boil from the flame so hot,

“A little creature like this, will be just a snack,
Yet will appease King Fuzzbug until more food gets back”
The fairies screamed and pleaded to get out of the pot,
They didn’t like the water that was becoming so hot

They said that King Fuzzbug sent them with a special message so true,
They said that he had something special for Wagner Sax to do.
Wagner stopped and looked, at the fairies turn red,
He stopped, stared, and finally scratched his head

Not wise, not smart, but loyal is he,
Scared of getting in trouble most honestly,
If they did tell the truth, how was he to tell,
Killing a servant of Fuzzbug would not do him well,

So he grabbed the fairies and freed them from the pot,
They were so grateful and thanked him a lot
They said that if Wagner Sax needed assistance just shout three times
Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy, and make sure that it rhymes

They said that the secret potion that Wagner carried was for the king,
But this is a secret, so do not tell anyone anything,
The king wants the potion all to himself, all at once too
But you have to make sure the king devours all of it true,

Wait till the time is right, with a treat so delicious and supple,
That the king eats it all right away and asks for double,
Make it succulent, fragrant, and most of all moist,
Make sure the potion is used entirely, so the king won’t think twoist.

The fairies then flew away, leaving Wagner with a task,
Still in his grimy paws held the potion’s flask,
The rhyme ringing in his head, of how to summon great power,
All the fairies thought was after being grabbed by a goblin, how badly they needed to take a shower.

Wagner Sax

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