Vorka Flesh-Eater

The Crone


Vorka Flesh-Eater is the Crone of the Mudgrub. She is the most literate and wise of the goblins, but she is so fragile and ancient that she never leaves the warren. In spite of her age, or perhaps because of it, since survival is a trait that is valued by goblins, she is given great honor.

Vorka is a known cannibal, but in goblin culture, that’s not such a terrible thing. She is a master of healing arts, as evidenced by her extreme age. She can enchant items, she can create healing and restorative potions and poultices.

She is given a place of honor in the Throne Chamber in a dark alcove next to the privy. She has a locked chest which is rumored to contain a wealth of magic. No one has dared to attempt to open the chest, believing that dread and terrible curses and traps lay in wait.


Vorka Flesh-Eater

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