Nox Shus Fooms

Goblin Wizard of Dark Magic


AC 14, FORT 12, REF 15, WILL 13, HP 24
SIZE: Medium (twice normal goblin size)

Languages: Goblin, Common (Human), Dwarf, Abyssal, Draconic

Small Skull Orb (Implement)
Bone Ring of Speech
Finger Bone Necklace
Chest (Lock & Key)


Nox felt as if his whole being was surging with energy. Walking through the village, the day after the farm raid, it seemed as if his world was… bigger.

Just days ago he and his brothers had nothing. Their existence consisted of scrounging through the rubbish at the bottom of the whelp pit for scraps of discarded food, bugs, worms or anything else they could find to fill their belly. Then Lieutenant Gharzdag, the kings personal body guard whom enjoyed torturing the whelps in new and creative ways, roughly plucked them out of the pit and tossed them in front of the king. They were set upon the task of a raid, something of which they were completely unfamiliar. They had been given little chance to find anything as a weapon and driven out of the village with the threat of being eaten if they failed.

Now they had completed the raid on a human farm and returned victorious. Oh and what a successful raid!

Nox had found his way into the human hut with two of his brothers. Much of that fight still seemed a blur but they had won and the spoils were his for the taking. He looked down at the fourteen finger bones hanging around his neck and remembered the fingerless hands. One of which had worn the bone ring he now possessed. That odd ring, so strange how it still fit after the growing. He chuckled to himself with the thought. The Growing, who knew humans could have such a drink that made you grow. He had been so thirsty after the battle and gulped down any drink he could find. The sudden increase in his sized astonished him. He was now twice as big as any goblin in the village. Bigger even than Lieutenant Gharzdag!

He stopped and pondered about that for a moment.

The evil Crone of the tribe, Vorka Flesh-Eater, to whom he had taken the human’s whelp skull seemed oddly afraid. He had taken the nasty smelling skull to her to know why he felt so strange about it, it was almost as if it were pulling at something deep inside. She had been reluctant to talk with him and had tried to throw the skull into a rubbish pile. It was then he first felt the anger swell inside him. He grabbed the skull from her frail hands and stood over her as a darkness filled the small hut. She immediately dropped to her knees and started squealing franticly, begging him not to kill her, not to make her into something else and offering to do magics on the skull if he would but spare her. He now felt a sort of pulsing energy from within the skull and a coldness that wasn’t there before.

The fear in the old woman had been obvious. Was it his size or something more? And if he had that affect on her could he do the same to others? After all, he was now bigger than other goblins and had survived against humans. What could they do? What could Lieutenant Gharzdag do? What could anyone do?

Nox Shus Fooms

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