Goblin Heroes

Elves Are Snooty

But Goblins are charming

In a huge turn of expectations, when the haughty and elitist elves approach noisome and filthy Mudgrub, they are met by The Brave Goblin Heroes. Nox opens negotiations and reads them adequately. He is obsequiously thankful when they give him an elaborate map of the region as a token of kindness. Bif approaches with the horendously vile song of welcome, but when he hands over a packet of magic seeds, the elves retreat, stunned. They return to the meeting in awe of our generosity. The seeds are long, lost elven seeds that belong to the magical garden, owimoweh. They had been thought lost forever in a heartless orc raid. Their return signals great tidings of wondrous joy.

The elves declare Bif a bard of wonder, and immediately ask to meet with Nazium to begin negotiations to cement an alliance.

Things that Go Bump Underground.

Two escapees from the Drow city are trying to make an escape by climbing up a crevasse to Mudgrub. Our Brave Goblin Heroes attempt to stop them before they can make their escape. A Drow heretic and his Draconian ally make subtle and furious foes.



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