Goblin Heroes

Dragons and Dragon-underlings

Bothersome Flying Sauroids.

The Brave Goblin Heroes were surprised by a young adamantine dragon and some dragonborn soldiers. Darth Sidius was almost done in by the dragon’s firwst attack, but Mr. Fluffy waved his arms about to distract the giant beast until it redirected its attack towards the more energetically suicidal foe. Mr. Fluffy was swallowed whole by the dragon and, aside from vague rumblings within the dragon, all were pretty sure he was dead. Aegis, piloting the tribe’s brand new Goblin Shredder pinned the dragon down while everyone else seemed to focus on the dragonborn. Lassie, the bear, took a fierce beating from the dragonborn, but handled it with aplomb. Aegis in the Shredder traded blows with the dragon, but it wasn’t until Lassie joined in that the tide turned. Lassie bit the creature on the snout and pulled him to the ground and savaged him. At that point, Mr. Fluffy cut himself free from inside the dragon and shouted, “Where’s my boot?”
On the other side of the battle, Darth Sidius sparkled two of the dragonborn soldiers to death. I think the official coroner’s report claims that the dragonborn died from acute humiliation.



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