Goblin Heroes

Dark Elves are Not Made of Chocolate

Things that Go Bump in the Dark.

After soundly thrashing a drow and a draconian escapee from the drow city, Cinlu, our Brave Goblin Heroes were treated to a rare interview with Ashkala, the Drow Queen of Cinlu. Nox and Bif made effort to make sure that Clot took as much of the credit or blame for killing the escaped prisoners as possible. Clot, performing a cunning somersault and vault won the heart of the dread queen. The Queen’s vizier awarded Clot with the coveted position of Royal Toy. He was so charming, pulling at his big pointy ears that the Queen adopted him on the spot.

After being told that they could ask for any reward, the Goblin heroes considered their choices gravely, understanding that they would be prudent to ask for not too much, nor too little. In the end, they went for too much, but that’s the breaks. Nox asked for black magic. Bif asked for fame and celebrity. Clot asked for a chew toy. Aegis asked for a special drow adviser to the Goblin Court. They all thought it would be a wonderful idea to engage in trading.

The vizier gave them a wicked grin and told them that all would be arranged. In addition, he felt honor-bound to offer them a gift from the Queen’s treasury. Bif leaped forward and grabbed the package out of his hands. He unwrapped the package and discovered a garish pair of western boots, red with whit trim. He slipped them on his feet and discovered their dreadful curse.



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